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More About Metal Hips

Metal Hip Implants are popular for their durability, and are therefore often used in younger, more active patients. These implants are used to replace a hip joint damaged by arthritis, injury, or a general wearing down of the joint, among other causes of damage. However, metal hip implants have been found to be defective, and the FDA has found that metal-on-metal hip replacement devices can deteriorate, sending metal ions into the blood stream and causing a serious condition known as metallosis.

Signs & Symptoms

Some common signs and symptoms of an issue with a Metal Hip Implant are serious and constant pain, fluid in the joint, clicking or popping sounds, swelling of the joint or surrounding area, infection, loosening of the implant, bone dissolution, and pseudo-tumors. If the Metal Hip Implant has caused metallosis (caused by the buildup of metallic debris in the soft tissues of the body), the patient can experience severe joint pain, the formation of cysts, deterioration of the bone around the implant, implant loosening and/or failure, nervous system issues, infection, confusion, gastrointestinal problems, and even cobalt or chromium poisoning. Osteolysis, the loss of bone around the hip replacement; avascular necrosis, bone death; and heterotopic ossification, the process of bone forming outside of the skeleton; are other side effects of Metal Hip Implants.


Complications with Metal Hip Implants are determined by revision surgery. Following 10% of hip replacements, patients require one or more revision surgeries to resolve issues with the Metal Hip Implant. Each time a surgery is performed to diagnose and correct an ongoing problem or failure of the Metal Hip Implant more bone must be removed, making the surgeries increasingly difficult. If you or a loved one is suffering after receiving a Metal Hip Implant, let Lawsuit Winning help get you the financial compensation that you deserve – complete the free and easy claim review form today.

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