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More About Birth Defects

There are numerous disabilites that a child can be born with, but some common birth defects include Cerebral palsy, Erb's Palsy, Klumpke's Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina bifida, congenital heart defects, and facial malformations. While some birth defects are hereditary, others can be the result of negligence and avoidable errors by health care professionals.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of a birth defect vary from condition to condition, and can present physically and/or mentally. Medical negligence is strongly linked to causing Cerebral Palsy, Erbs' Palsy and Klumpke's Palsy, and while symptoms can vary, the following often accompany these conditions: difficulty speaking, difficulty eating, slow movements, lack of muscle coordination, variations in muscle tone, tremors or involuntary movements, still muscles, and excessive drooling or problems swallowing.


Diagnosis of a birth defect varies by the condition. If you notice anything unusual with your child, or are having a difficult pregnancy, reach out to your health care professional immediately; your doctor will help determine if your child has a physical or mental birth defect. If you are concerned about your child's muscular movement, tone, coordination, or other developmental issues, visit a medical professional to help you determine if they are suffering from Cerebral, Erb's or Klumpke's Palsy or another birth defect. The Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation estimates there are 12,000 cases diagnosed yearly. Erb's Palsy is diagnosed in 1-2 of every 1,000 babies. The long-term treatment of these diseases can be extraordinarily expensive, both monetarily and emotionally. If there were complications during your child's birth, you may be eligible for compensation. Let Lawsuit Winning help get you the financial compensation that you deserve – complete the free and easy claim review form today.

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